Changes in Alexandra Park

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Map showing different areas of Alexandra Park, Hastings

Have you noticed any changes going on in Alexandra Park recently?  Its all to do with the investment that the Environment Agency and Hastings Borough Council are making to improve the water courses to help us reach the new Sea Bath Water Quality Directive.  But its no where near the sea I hear you cry… Read more »

Support received from Catering trade – Old Town Hastings

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On a recent sunny Wednesday morning the Clean Seas Please! team visited catering outlets in the Old Town of Hastings to talk to café and restaurant owners about our campaign and to find out how they dispose of fats, oils and grease.  We were delighted with the positive response that we received and are pleased to… Read more »

Sarah Owen, prospective labour candidate for MP, Hastings and Rye

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  The Clean Seas Team are really pleased to receive support to our campaign from Sarah Owen, prospective labour candidate for MP, Hastings and Rye.  Sarah signed up to the campaign back in the summer of 2013 at Hastings Pirates Day.  she says: “I signed the petition back in summer on Pirate Day and back the work… Read more »

If you go down to the sewer today …

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A large Winnie the Pooh teddy bear, a pair of jeans, a pink bicycle and a fax machine are the latest things to have been found blocking sewer’s in Scotland.  What should be there – well just the 3 “P’s” –  pee, paper and of course the organic pooh! Check out the article here: BBC News… Read more »

Chair made of rubbish from Hastings sea

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Have you seen this video? It shows a local artist making a chair out of rubbish collected off the shore at Hastings. The rubbish was collected using a local Hastings Fishing Boat. Chair made from rubbish – Hastings

Why I Give A Dam

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It’s easy in our busy world, rushing here there and everywhere, to ignore things that really do require some of our attention.  This is even more so when we are asked for some kind of action or to change how we currently behave.  Oh no, not another thing to do we cry.  What do they… Read more »